About us

It all started in 1987…

When Mr Antoine Fayez Khalil started distilling rose water and orange blossom at home as a hobby. He then started making bottles and distributing them to markets in the region, and called his brand “Magharet Jeita”.

He called the brand “Magharet Jeita” to honor his heritage since Jeita was his mother in law’s birthplace, and also to make this -now tourist- location known to Lebanese people, since it was a military city inaccessible to normal citizens at the time.

Mr Fady Khalil, a university student at the time, started helping his father in his hobby. He too started to pick pomegranates, spoon out the seeds, juice them with a basic fruit juicer, boil them using gas, obtaining pomegranate molasses.

In 2002, the brand was established as a legitimate business by Mr Fady Khalil. It started gaining more reputation after advertising the brand in exhibitions such as “La Joconde” and other exhibitions in nearby villages.

But progress didn’t stop there. Distillation and sterilization were being made by gas, now they’re being made by steam with the use of UHT.